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Handpan - Art - Sound - Movement

  • Beendet
  • 680 Euro
  • Nature Community Schönsee


Welcome to the most exhilarating musical experience of your life! We invite all music enthusiasts to join us and immerse themselves in the captivating world of Handpan music for a week. Our Handpan event brings together the finest World Musicians who will share their knowledge, talents, and passion for music in an unforgettable week. Discover the Magic of the Handpan: The Handpan, this extraordinary and mystical instrument, will captivate you. With its gentle, ethereal sounds and hypnotic rhythms, the Handpan unlocks the door to a realm brimming with creativity and emotion. Whether you're an experienced musician or have never touched an instrument before, the Handpan will enchant you, catering to everyone's taste! Learning from the Best: Our event gathers the best Handpan artists and musicians from around the world. They are not only masterful players but also devoted instructors. In an intimate and inspiring setting, you'll have the opportunity to learn directly from these exceptional artists. They will share their knowledge of Handpan techniques, rhythms, composition, and performance aspects with you. A Week Dedicated to Music: Our Handpan event is more than just a music workshop. It's a musical journey where you'll meet like-minded individuals from around the world and forge lifelong friendships. Each day is filled with workshops, jam sessions, concerts, and opportunities for free play. You will thrive in a creative atmosphere and elevate your musical skills to new heights. Music that Touches Hearts: The Handpan is an instrument that touches the soul. You will learn how to express emotions through your playing that deeply resonate with people's hearts. Whether you play solo or jam in a group, Handpan music will captivate you and others.



St Peter im Sulmtal Moos 28, 8542 Moos, Austria

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