16th till 23rd of June 2023

"Back to the feminine SOURCE"

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...weaving our way back to the feminine source of wisdom.

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The Inner Source Gathering is a healing space for women to explore your inner source, connect to the power of our collective feminine and realign your true nature with mother earth.


We offer healing workshop experiences that allow you discover your inner source of wisdom through sound, movement, handicraft, herbal medicine and ritual to co-create the deeply rooted vision of sisterhood that our hearts carry within.  


The gathering is embedded in the beautiful landscape of Lower Austria, nestled on one of the many hills of the “humpy world” surrounded by lush forests with a breath-taking view on the Viennese Alpes. The gathering venue offers possibilities to retreat and find peace and rest for yourself, as well as spaces for encounters, togetherness and co-creation.


Various areas such as the crafts area, music area herbal area and …. area offer you to choose from different experiences depending on what your soul and body need. There will be daily yoga, handpan and sacredframedrumming classes and varying workshops of handicraft, movement and herbal medicine.


Live music, art performances and artisanry enrich the multi-cultural exchange and encounter of colourful women who gather together creatively.


Our deeply rooted belief is that each one of you brings your own medicine for the healing of the collective. And that powerful web of the collective feminine in turn nourishes heart and soul of each woman, who joins.


Our aim is that the collective feminine power that we co-create at the Inner Source Gathering empowers you to rise from a deep journey of creativity, radiating from your feminine source within.

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Johanna Wakonig

Women Tempel
Music & Voice
Flower Handcraft

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Daria Abele

Artisanry. Earth. Reconnection

With spinning, sewing, plant dying, printing and other artisanry, she will support you remembering your own roots and ground yourself through the arts of handcrafting.

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Bernadette Schwarz

Yoga teacher

I am the founder and organizer of this beautiful new born baby & the WILD NAYA ACADEMY for women.
Greatful to hold space, where ever I am needed and be part of this event as student and "Guardian angel" and organizer. Greatful to meet you.

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Krista Holland

Sacred Frame Drumming
Surya Soma Yoga


Amana Anne

Herbal Woman, Singer/Songwriter, eternal Student of Life

We’ll be connecting with the plant spirits and opening our hearts and senses for the subtle vibration of the plant wisdom, healing ourselves and Pachamama through our most sincere expression of gratitude and prayer.
We’ll dive into harvesting rituals and moon phases, explore and learn about tinctures, flower essences, oxymel, macerates and herbal aura sprays.

Preparing beautiful plant medicine in a circle of women to cherish and heal our bodies, honouring and celebrating our Mother Earth. 


Stefania Kregl

5Rhythms Dance
Noneviolent Communication


Sara Ursula

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for every level - complete beginner

to professional

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Fischcremesuppe Meereslandschaft Foto Mandala Symbol Yoga Visitenkarte - 2022-10-25T113702
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Andrea Hufnagl

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Marlia Project

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Amy Naylor

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Andrea Hufnagl


Amalua´s work helps you to dive deeper into your inner source(s) of soul expression.

It encourages you to reveal magic tools, colors and aspects inside you for more freedom to express your unique soul vibration.

To deepen the healing connection with sacred sound through our voice(s) and Handpan, connected with our sacred temple - the body.

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Marlia Coeur

Voice. Handpan. Activation


I am a sound oracle, a vocal activator & facilitator of human potential expressed through the voice.

I will offer a vocal, breathing, musical experience, created to bring each woman home to your heart.

I help people who feel disconnected from their voice, or who engage in limiting beliefs, learn how to express your true voice with purpose and clarity through intentional breathing & vocal encouragement, so you can fully connect to your hearts, freely sing your soul’s song and vibrate your true power with love.

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Amy Naylor


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Mar Loi

Exploration, Expression & Sensitivity.

We will learn some rhythms using body integration through fun games.

We will practicing specific techniques using a bundge of creativity 

We will explore our ability to express through our music no matter your level..everything with group dynamics & a lot of fun!


Ann Tizziani

Women Circles


Antara Dakini

Moon Dancer,
Liberation Dance Founder,
Sweatlodge Guide



passionate yoga teacher, loving activist, whole-hearted feminine coach

Victoria will be offering a form of yoga at the festival, that honors and focuses on the womb space as the center of all creation.
The womb as the initiator of the rhythm that governs a woman’s whole life. A form of yoga that is selfcare informed and aims at bringing balance into your whole system.

She will also be holding loving space in a women’s circle.



Malou Kalita

Somatic movement therapist, expressive arts facilitator, dancer

Malou guides you through a healing journey of exploring your inner source of wisdom through the expressive arts and the body.
You dive deeply into your own body mythology, discovering and expressing the multifaceted aspects and different feminine archetypes of inside yourself through movement, imagery and poetry.
This journey supports you in gaining a deeper understanding of your true being, and allows you to come into your full creative power.   



*close to Vienna

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photos taken by Klosternatursinne

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Informationen für Unterkunft & Essen

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TICKET costs  / TICKET Preis ~ Start selling the Tickets from 25th of October 2022

First 44 Tickets will cost  only 444€  / Die ersten 44 Tickets kosten nur 444€ (Frühbucherbonus)

the next 33 Tickets will cost 555€ / die nächsten 33 Tickets kosten nur 555€

the next 31 Tickets will cost 666€ / die nächsten 31 Tickets kosten nur 666€

108 is the number of women who getting the chance to join this first and unique EDITION here in Austria!


WNY HANDPAN SUMMER ACADEMY (11th till 17th of July 2023) & INNER SOURCE GATHERING costs both together ~ 900€ (14 days). / Du möchtest zu beiden Events ? Zur WNY Handpan Summer Academy (11-17.Juli 2023) & zum INNER SOURCE GATHERING ~ Spezial Preis um nur 900€!

Ticket SALE STARTS on the 1st of  DECEMBER 2022 at 10 am European time zone./ TICKET VERKAUF startet am 1.Dezember 2022 um 10 Uhr früh (Mittel Europäischer Zeit).


Between 15/20 € camping till up to 70€ for the Suits (best rooms) /

Zwischen 15/20€ für das Campen bis zu 70€ für die besten Suiten im Haus.

One Bed Room (simple) cost around 35/39€ per night.

Room Booking will be available from mid December on! / Ab mitte Dezember ist es möglich die Zimmer zu buchen!



/ inkludiert ist in dieser Vollpension Frühstück - Mittagessen & Abendessen, wie auch kleine Snacks (Früchte & Kuchen).


35€/ 40€ (3 meals a day/3 Mahlzeiten am Tag) per day for vegan/vegetarian organic food /

35€ kostet das Biologische Vegane/Vegetarische Essen pro Tag.

There is no other option than getting a FULLPENSION /

Es gibt keine andere Möglichkeit als diese Vollpension zu buchen.

Du bezahlst das Essen direkt vor Ort in bar / You pay the food in cash directly with the chef cook!

Fischcremesuppe Meereslandschaft Foto Mandala Symbol Yoga Visitenkarte - 2022-10-25T115319